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3Shape Audio scanner

3Shape Audio

Get the digital edge in custom audio devices
3D-scan, design and produce custom audio devices in one accurate, smooth, and cost-efficient workflow

What would you like to explore first?

Bring all ear impression details into the digital world. Model the perfect fit with the most accurate 3D impression scanner.
Quickly and easily produce high quality, custom designs ready for manufacture, with our design software.
Make your production leaner and faster by capturing your custom production process in one system.

Why go digital?

Designing custom products by hand is a true craftsmanship requiring years of expertise to truly achieve the perfect custom fit. Achieve this perfect fit by capturing the details from the ear in your modeling design through a tailored workflow covering scan, design, print and post-processing.
Reduce total cost per unit
Decrease labor costs in all steps while minimizing overall use of materials and excess materials in 3D printing. Easily remake broken or lost units with a design recall feature.
Improve control of your current work
Mirror your current processes digitally to bring repeatability and consistency to your modeling artwork faster. Improve retention rates and decrease remake rates by ensuring the perfect fit first time.
Build a resilient business
Make your business more agile and scalable by enabling remote design work and easy onboarding into the software. Also unlock new product categories that are currently offered as a limited service and timely to engage in – such as the helix lock.
Onboard modelers more efficiently
Onboard inexperienced modelers and quickly see them handle ever larger volumes and more complex products within weeks. Support modeler development and motivation through insights over time.

3Shape Audio digital workflow

Digital technologies have truly revolutionized how custom audio devices are made today. Wherever you are on your digital journey, our solutions and support enable you to work faster, more accurately and cost-effectively.


When you work in a digital workflow, you scan ear impressions or receive scans digitally. All 3Shape Audio scanners are ISO-documented accurate, ultra-fast, and backed by our twenty years of experience in creating ground-breaking solutions for custom audio devices.


With 3Shape Audio Designers, you’ll improve the accuracy, efficiency and repeatability of your hearing aid, noise protection, communications and in-ear music device designs.


When you design with 3Shape software, your designs are compatible with most 3D printers. 3Shape Audio solutions enable you to manage, automate, and streamline your production workflows.
Over to you
The same digital revolution that sweeps every other industry, also gives you opportunities within custom audio devices - opportunities that were unimaginable only a few years ago. Catch the wave and take a giant leap in customer satisfaction and business effectiveness. Browse our 3D ear impression scanners and our custom design software and find out what your opportunities are.

“The service from 3Shape is incredible, and the software is working remarkably. My manufacturing is becoming so streamlined with such accurate builds, it has elevated my whole game.”

Simon Fisk, Plunge Audio, Canada

Contact 3Shape Audio regarding availability of products in your region or country.