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3Shape Audio Solutions

3D scanners and software made for each other

Whether you are a hearing aid manufacturer, retailer, audio lab or you create noise reduction and in-ear music devices, 3Shape scanning and audiology software solutions enable you to go digital with your design and production.

Fully integrated

Connect your scanners and software

When going digital, connecting your systems can be a challenge. Your software and hardware need to work together. 3Shape audiology scanners and software are fully integrated. That means that they’re made for each other. You can trust that the results will match your designs, and the data that you share and work with is repeatable and actionable.

Why wait?

When you go digital with 3Shape, you’re connected. You design your hearing devices digitally with one of our CAD/CAM solutions, and they’re print-ready. You cloud-share digital impressions and designs with workflow partners digitally. It means that from now on, your hearing aid and device production is faster, more accurate, repeatable, and more cost-efficient.

Game-changing technology

“We have successfully upgraded 45 clinics across Romania with 3Shape’s A1 scanner. It has been a game changer for us, and our clinics are pleased to now
use the latest technology.”

Ramona Milstin, Director General Adjunct, AudioNova


The digital workflow explained


When you’re digital, you scan in-ear impressions or receive cases digitally. All 3Shape scanners are ISO-documented accurate with unrivaled speed and backed by our nearly twenty years of experience in creating ground-breaking solutions for hearing care professionals.


With 3Shape audiology software, you’ll improve the accuracy, efficiency and repeatability of your hearing aid, noise protection and in-ear music device designs. And you’ll be able to cloud-share your designs instantly with workflow partners.


When you design with 3Shape software, your designs are compatible with most 3D printers, 3Shape Audio solutions enable you to manage, automate and streamline your production workflows. 


Get started

To start your journey or upgrade your present digital set up, choose a 3Shape audiology solution in two steps: first a scanner, then the design and manufacturing software. We can help you choose a solution that suits you. Remember, our scanners and software are made for each other.



Explore scanners - a model for your every need and budget

Making the transition from conventional to digital starts with your hardware. Our scanners deliver the most advanced scanning technology, ISO-documented accuracy and unrivaled speed.

From the entry-level A1 to the A1+ and A2, we have scanners to fit your needs and budget.


Affordable scanning for all, to digitize your shop, clinic or lab




Choose design software by the types of audio devices you want to create

After you’ve found a scanner that fits your needs, choose the right design software package. Our CAD/CAM solutions let you design ready-to-manufacture audio devices cheaper and easier. From 3Shape EarMouldDesigner to ShellDesigner, our software makes your hearing aid production faster. 

3Shape EarMouldDesigner

The software’s predefined workflows enable you to design cost effective and repeatable moulds and casts. And because it’s so versatile, you can design your choice of shapes and preset them for high-volume production of custom fit earpieces.

3Shape ShellDesigner

3Shape ShellDesigner enables you to quickly design hearing aids, noise protection and in-ear monitors. The software’s guided workflows make your design of shell products fast and efficient.

3Shape ShellManager

Shape ShellManager unifies your design and production into one production management system. Whether you are a large business or smaller, looking to scale production, ShellManager enable you to streamline your processes and be more time and cost efficient.

3Shape CAMbridge

Automate the 3D printing and manufacturing of your CAD designs. Improves material utilization and manufacturing capacity.


Whether you’re new to digital audiology and could use a hand getting started with your software, or a practiced digital technician seeking to enhance your skills, we are here to assist you. 

Are you ready to change your audio game? 

Contact 3Shape regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region or country.


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